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What would you look like as a chimera?

Find out on our cool Splice Yourself page!

Just follow the directions to upload your photo and morph it with the animal of your choice, then download the finished product. You can see what some other people look like in the Spliced Gallery. You can even send us your own Spliced morph, here, and be a part of our chimera gallery, too!
For best results, here are some suggestions:
  • Use a photo where you are looking straight at the camera instead of off to the side. 
  • Some splices work best at 10 or 15%, and some work best at 50%. But messing around with it is part of the fun!
  • If you wear glasses, it can be tricky to lineup the reference points just right, and your glasses might come out distorted - but you might come up with some ideas for cool new frames! If not, you can always try a picture without glasses.
  • If your splice comes out with the animals face too small on yours, try lining up the outer ring of reference points with the outer edge of your hair, instead of right along your hairline. 
  • If you upload a photo and the reference points come out scrambled, try uploading it again. If that doesn't work, you might want to try a different picture. 
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