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You can order Splintered from 
IndieboundBarnes & Noble, or Amazon, or from your neighborhood bookseller! Read an excerpt here.


In this sequel to Spliced, his acclaimed science fiction thriller for young adults, Jon McGoran further explores a near future transformed by climate change in which young people called chimeras modify themselves by splicing animal genes into their own.


After the events of Spliced, 17-year-old Jimi Corcoran wants to move on with her life and her relationship with Rex, her chimera boyfriend. But when a friend is accused of murder in the death of a chimera wearing a strange medical bracelet from a hospital that ostensibly provides healthcare for chimeras, Jimi and her friends do some digging—and uncover a chilling plot to exploit chimeras in horrifying ways. With help from new friends and old, and support from Chimerica, a shadowy network of chimera supporters, Jimi and Rex risk their lives to shut down the operation and expose it to the world, and in doing so incur the wrath of one of the most powerful and dangerous people in the world. 

Splintered is an American Bookseller’s Association’s ABC Best Books for Young Readers.


"In this follow-up to his YA debut, Spliced, McGoran finds his rhythm in an exciting, futuristic thriller… A sci-fi page-turner for readers who enjoy Cinder and Divergent."

~ School Library Journal



"Dystopian fans have a lot to enjoy in this loosely allegorical novel. The pacing is lightning fast . . . the author explores themes of prejudice and rebellion in a relatable way."



"McGoran adds further ethical complications to the crucial political battle for chimera rights, exploring, for example, the uneasy line between acts of resistance and of terrorism. . . . definitely exciting"

~ Booklist



"Full of suspense and a touch of horror, this book keeps the reader coming back for more. …This book was addicting and kept me on the edge of my seat.  I look forward to reading more of the author's works."

~ Compass Reviews

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