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You can order Spliced from 
Indiebound (hardcover or paperback)Barnes & Noble, or Amazon, or from your neighborhood bookseller! Read an excerpt here.

Just a few years from today, in a world slightly changed from ours, young people modify themselves by splicing animal genes into their own to become chimeras.


When sixteen-year-old Jimi Corcoran’s best friend Del finally escapes his sadistic father, she is horrified to learn he has gone to get spliced. As Jimi plunges into the world of chimeras to save Del, the world erupts in a backlash against chimeras, and the group Humans for Humanity pushes through a new law that strips chimeras of their rights as human.  


As Jimi learns to respect, understand and even love the chimeras she meets, she also learns a terrifying truth: Those behind the backlash have a hidden agenda more hateful and horrific than anything she could have imagined. 

Spliced was named to the American Library Association’s inaugural Excellence in Children's and Young Adult Science Fiction Notable List and the American Bookseller’s Association’s 2017 ABC Best Books for Young Readers, and is on the shortlist for the 2019/2020 South Carolina Young Adult Book Award.


"This nightmare study in manufactured prejudice will resonate…especially in the era of Trump.Timely, thrilling, and more than a little scary."

~ Kirkus


"McGoran doesn’t skimp on the action…suspenseful & scary… timely [and] thought provoking"

~ Booklist


"Spliced...does not disappoint.... McGoran keeps you hooked from the start."

~ Book Riot


"Genetically modified teens forced to make life-and-death decisions in a modified world as a hideous new form of hatred poisons society. SPLICED grabs you by the throat and won’t let go."

~Laurie Halse Anderson,

Internationally acclaimed NY Times bestselling author of Speak & Chains



"A mind-bending science fiction adventure into a disturbingly familiar near future world. Characters you care about and a plot that will send chills up your spine, SPLICED has it all!”

— Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin and Mars One




“Intense and provocative, Spliced questions whether humanity is defined by our genetic make-up or our compassion. The haunting themes McGoran has created will resonate long after the final page is turned.”

— Joelle Charbonneau, NY Times bestselling author of The Testing & Dividing Eden

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