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Jon McGoran is the author of the acclaimed ecological thrillers Drift, Deadout, and Dust Up, as well as The Dead Ring, based on the hit TV show, The Blacklist. Writing as D. H. Dublin, he is also the author of the forensic thrillers Body Trace, Blood Poison and Freezer Burn. When not writing novels and short fiction or cohosting The Liars Club Oddcast, McGoran works as a freelance writer and developmental editor. 

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Dust Up, the explosive follow-up to Jon McGoran's acclaimed thrillers Drift and Deadout, is out now. Buy Dust Up at Amazon.comBarnes & NobleBooksaMillion, or Indiebound.

In a STARRED review, Booklist calls Jon McGoran, “One fine thriller writer. ...It’s a delight to watch McGoran propel the narrative forward, with minimal backstory and artful use of detail.... The action is unending, and McGoran displays enviable skill... It’s a first-tier thriller by an ecologist who can show the hard-boiled folks a thing or two."

Dead End Folliessays, “Jon as natural of a storyteller as it gets. ...Doyle Carrick has become one of the most interesting series character out there...Jon McGoran has a gift to write larger-than-life characters. ...It's as good as anything I've read this year....the best damn international thriller I've read in a couple years. That Jon McGoran guy is for real.”

A Thrill A Week says it's, “A very engaging and entertaining series that addresses realistic, as well as theoretically scientific concerns over GMOs....Carrick is a likable character, with a sarcastic sense of humor and a great desire to see justice prevail....This is a fun as well as informative series.”

Out of the Gutter says, " Jon McGoran’s Dust Up...couldn’t be more relevant to the world today...a fast engaging thriller from start to finish. ...Doyle Carrick is a sharp-tongued wise-ass it’s hard not to like. ...You relate to him, you enjoy his jokes.  Along with the quips and sarcasm, though, is an underlying sense of sobriety.  You never lose sight of the real world issues in play. I had fun reading Dust Up, and it gave me a chill. ...Entertainment and serious thoughts. You can’t take much more away from a thriller than that."

My Bookish Ways says, “I read Drift and Deadout in one gulp and couldn’t wait to get to Dust Up. ...I love this series, and wasn’t sure how McGoran would top the first two, but he did... If you like Nelson DeMille’s John Corey books, or Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger series, you’ll love this. Carrick is smart, snarky, and steps in trouble whenever he can, and it’s a testament to the author that he keeps up a breakneck pace throughout (seriously, dare you not to read this in one sitting) without sacrificing the human element.”

Criminal Element says “I was rapt by the suspenseful plot... Mr. McGoran’s writing is more timely than ever, and it seems like I’ve picked a revelatory time to read my first biotech thriller.”

In this riveting follow-up to his acclaimed biotech thrillers Drift and Deadout, Jon McGoran brings his explorations of biotechnology and corporate conspiracies to an explosive new level and an international scale. Detective Doyle Carrick and his girlfriend Nola Watkins are awakened in the middle of the night to find a Ron Hartwell, a complete stranger, shot dead on their front steps, and his wife Miriam speeding away. A halfhearted homicide investigation labels the murder a domestic dispute, with Miriam, Ron’s widow, the sole suspect. Doyle finds out Ron and Miriam both worked for a giant biotech company that is now accusing them of corporate espionage, and suspects something else is going on, but it’s not his case. Then Miriam tracks him down and tells him her story.

Miriam and Ron had been working in Haiti and visiting her friend Regi Baudet, the deputy health minister, when they stumbled upon what looked like a corporate cover-u

[caption id="attachment_1107" align="alignright" width="206"]Dust Up, coming April 2016[/caption]

p of tainted food aid that sickened an entire village—and proved to be one hundred percent fatal. Doyle was their last hope to blow the whistle. Before Miriam can tell him the rest, they are attacked by gunmen and she disappears again.

Doyle follows her to Haiti, a country on the brink of political chaos. Working with Miriam and Regi, he must untangle a web of deceit and unconscionable corporate greed in order to stop an epidemic of even greater evil before it is released onto an unsuspecting world.

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